Wednesday, January 05, 2005


as most bloggers start, i don't have much to say, but was convinced by a friend that my musings would be read at the least by her if no one else. this isn't truly my first blog, but i will try to avoid the angst-filled ruminations that plagued my previous blogging publications. (once i'm more adept at this whole thing, i'll consider transferring those older writings here or providing a link to the originals.)
i'm at work right now (shame on me!) and it's quite vicious outside at the moment. i'm rather dubious that the 30 mile trek this morning was worth the effort. but there's snow outside and i do so love the snow. i've been told i was born in a blizzard (1 Feb '79---geez mom & dad, a blizzard not a hospital?) and was riding on a snowmobile by the time i was finally released from the hospital two weeks later. was definitely wishing i had a snowmobile to drive to work today. a fun & efficient method of transportation in such blustery conditions.
now that i've sufficiently procrastinated for the morning, i think i'll wrap this up.

"Get behind my eyes for another view" ---Michael Tolcher


At 1/5/05, 11:11 AM, Blogger amo said...

wow, you're speedy!!
but, yay!

i look forward to spending time in your room.


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