Tuesday, July 12, 2005

hot water

woof! it's warm outside! been in the 90s for the past few days. i've even broken down and turned on the ol' ac for a bit. i think george is protesting these high temps as well because his engine light has come on again. *sigh*
the whole jobless thing is another example of 'out of the frying pan into the fire' but that won't be bothering me for much longer. i guess my stint as a jobless wonder isn't even going to last for a full two weeks. but i definitely needed the break. we'll see how it goes when i start up at the hospital again. hopefully these folk will be more organized (which is part of why i left the previous job before the hospital) and decidedly less backstabbing. not all but enough of them were that it got me booted. something to keep me busy during the day & hopefully i can get a fully functioning schedule again. the only thing to top it would be an interview for the writing lab position. that would be ideal, but i won't complain. it's a step toward order in this chaotic, drama-filled world in which i live.

"And sorry signs on cash machines, and it don't look like anything you've dreamed of, I won't let you give it up." ---Mason Jennings


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