Friday, April 21, 2006


yesterday @ 4:55pm a patient came over asking me to reschedule a new urology appointment. he said he was unaware of the appointment on monday & missed it. at this time urology scheduling had stopped answering their phones for the night, so i gave him their number to try today or he could stop in this morning & i’d try to call them for him. so he stops at my desk and i call down to the clinic. the scheduling guy tells me the patient already stopped in at his desk and he’d informed him that there were no openings today. the patient proceeds to tell me that the urology scheduling guy had told him to come talk to me and i could maybe get him in today. yeah, i have power over other clinics & doctors’ schedules. i called the patient on it and said it would be a while before they could see him in urology. the scheduling guy tells me june 2, which is only 6 weeks away. i tell the patient and he says ‘a guy could die in that time.’
i hear this phrase all the time where i work and sometimes it could be true. but i looked in the clinic note for why the guy was seeing urology so i’d be able to give the scheduler there all the info. um, i don’t think you can die from erectile dysfunction.


At 5/8/06, 4:55 PM, Blogger mdog said...

hey, i thought you weren't posting here anymore... good to see there's still room for thought.

working in the medical world makes me CRAZY sometimes. okay, most times.

erectile dysfunction, yeah, probably not dying. but what a way to go, yeah?


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