Sunday, August 28, 2005

goodbye internet

welp, i've decided to do away with my internet. it's 40 bucks a month that i don'treally need and can't really afford. unless i get some sort of payrise in the near future, yeah.
don't miss me too much. i'll try to be on at the library & when i can. really much more enlightening things to do, eh?


At 9/2/05, 8:40 PM, Blogger DCurrahee said...

Wait ... you can't blog the same blog in two different blogs. That's fuckin blog man! Do you blog like that?!? DO YOU BLOG LIKE THAT?!?

You know what blog would say about that? He'd say Blog That Shit man! Yea



wait how you gonna blog without internet? the library?


how you gonna run your online cam business without the internet? the library?



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