Thursday, October 26, 2006


i've decided to revise this blog as my writing blog. i wonder how that'll work out. thus far it has mostly been randomness, but there are so many people on the ol' interweb whose thoughts & bloggings i admire. not that i aspire to their acerbic wit nor thoughtful prose. ha! i know myself too well for that. any intellectual ideas that appear to flow from my mouth or hands are merely a facade, thinly veiled for the public's consumption. very thinly veiled.
anyroad, trying to get to my writing on a regular basis, so i'll use this as a sounding board.


At 10/26/06, 3:06 PM, Blogger LA said...

i look forward to seeing your writing. it does take a special stick-to-it-ivness to press on with such things.

BTW - I love your "about me" statements. poetic. profound.


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