Friday, June 26, 2009


i'm broke until payday on july 1st. once a month pay periods are a pain in the fanny. it's difficult to stay ahead of the game when the end of the month rolls around.
so until then, i'm going to try to refrain from buying any groceries. especially since s got another flat tire on the way to pick me up from work on wednesday & therefore, i need to buy 4 new tires before our trip back to nd in less than 7 weeks for my baby brother's wedding.
for dinner we are scrounging my pantries and fridge:
spinach salad with tomatoes, radishes and dried cranberries & crumbled goat cheese
baked salmon with dill (dried, not fresh. hey, i said i was scrounging!)
broccoli cheese pasta (one of those lipton bags or whatever)
day old oatmeal raisin cookie from work for dessert

i'd also like to direct my readership to a new food blog by someone i know from the internet pre-blogging.
deb's perfect bite
she has got some tasty recipes, for sure.

also wondering if i should get actual business cards for blogher. i don't exactly have a 'theme' and i'm not really looking for a huge increase in traffic. i'm more of a fangirl than anything else. but it seems like the thing to do, so if i meet even more cool people in real life than those i already know on the interwebs (and some of whom i've been lucky enough to meet in person. suzanne, i'm lookin' at you.) i'd better make my decision soon, since time is running out for printing purposes. i'm getting so excited for this!

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