Tuesday, September 11, 2007


after two weeks of testing at mayo, they came up with bubkus. absolutely nothing, besides confirming that my dad has neuropathy in his feet, likely a hereditary, age-related diagnosis. (apparently the ms diagnosis was a bit premature, because the full body mri would've caught any lesions.) the gi doc told him that true food allergies are so rare that it's pretty much impossible that he could be allergic to everything he claims makes him sick. not to be flippant, but he looks like a holocaust refugee. i wish he'd go see a dietitian and a psychiatrist. being ill, for whatever reason, is incredibly depressing, and believe me, i know because i'm out of remission now too. yay for digestive bleeding disorders! especially when aggravated by a bout of food poisoning. i lost 4 pounds in 5 days last week. almost halfway to the 10 i wanted to lose before my college roomie's wedding next month. (there's the flip for anyone who's looking. and i'm now on meds that have made me gain weight in the past, so that's just a pipe dream.)
all that aside, it was incredibly nice to host my parents in my apartment for the first time in 5 years, when they moved me in in 2002. and they got to meet s, which is very important to me. not the same as taking him home, but besides his complete lack of punctuality, i think he made a good showing. (helping build my new dresser goes a long way toward balancing out minor faults, says my mum.) maybe next time, the in-laws will all meet up.

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At 9/11/07, 8:26 PM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

Has he checked out celiac (gluten intolerance) or Crohn's disease? Just throwin' stuff out here.

At 9/12/07, 8:32 AM, Blogger mar said...

thanks for the suggestions, suebob. celiac came back negative a few months ago, but he refuses to eat anything gluten (brown rice products only) anyway. i actually have colitis & with his many colonoscopies (previous colon cancer), no crohn's diagnosis. *shrugs* that's why it's such a mystery. :|


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