Sunday, July 19, 2009

big move

poor little grover really doesn't like all this moving around of furniture. last weekend we shifted some desks from the bedroom to the kitchen & vice versa (i've had my old desk from elementary/hs in the kitchen as counter space is close to nil and in order to put s's computer up in the bedroom & redistribute space we flipped them.) we also moved s's dresser into my room & grover, showing either his displeasure or fright, peed on the carpet about 3 times.
today we moved a bunch of things at my place & s's old place into the new storage unit. his pillowtop bed into our room & my mattress out, his big bookshelf into the bedroom, my new flat screen tv into the bedroom & his giant one into the living room. it's gonna be a tight squeeze with 2 people in a one-bedroom where i've been settled for 7 years now, but we'll make it work. and rent will be totally feasible now so that i may actually be able to put money in a savings account every month while paying more down on my student loans, etc. even with the extra $$$/month for the storage unit. anyway, i was worried grover would freak again so we mostly left him in his crate. he cried that we weren't letting him out & we were "playing" without him, but he seems to be doing fine now that most of the big stuff has already been taken care of. it probably doesn't help that the poor little bugger is teething either. s found a bloody little puppy tooth on the carpet in the living room (after he stepped on it with bare feet). this was after we saw blood on his rawhide twist earlier in the evening. thought he'd just bit his tongue again. then today, i noticed that one of his long canine (haha) teeth in the front is gone. our little baby is growing up! (plus the fact that he's 3x the weight he was when we brought him home less than 3 months ago.)
so most of what we have left is organizing the mess that is the living room. a few more trips over to the storage unit in the car will do. we got to take the "free" moving truck (less $250 in cash they had to hold while we had the truck) this afternoon. after they called us this morning to say we couldn't have it for the 3 1/2 hours we'd reserved it for because the person before us would be late, they called at 11.30 to say we could take it whenever we got there until 3.30 before they closed so it worked out perfectly. and s & i didn't kill each other (yet) with moving everything, even though it came close. and grover is digging on the icecubes i keep throwing him for teething toys. it's hilarious to watch.
this has been quite an adventure so far. i look forward to the rest of it.

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At 7/20/09, 10:20 AM, Blogger super des said...

I had no idea puppies had baby teeth. Where have I been?

At 7/20/09, 11:41 AM, Blogger mar said...

i at least had some warning because s & i had one of his roomie's friend's kitten in his room over the winter & kahlua lost a tooth while i was playing with her. i freaked out! but it makes perfect sense. mammals lose their teeth.


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