Tuesday, January 11, 2005

sleet & sniffles

i have a cold again. this stinks! second one since I started working here less than two months ago. maybe i'm just not taking care of myself very well. probably the lack of sleep from this weekend & stomping around in puddles & heaps of snow (not on purpose; they're just everywhere!)
i took a nap last night from about 6:30-7:30, got up & ate a ton of stuff (feed a cold, right?), ran to the grocery to stock up on nyquil & dayquil, dosed myself with some liquid green stuff (haven't had the liquid in at least a decade; it does funny things to me: think an eleven year old home alone, running blender blades & a lot of blood. please don't ask), made a phone call from my bed around 9:30 & fell asleep around 10pm when i hung up. i even forgot how the green stuff tastes. all anisette-y.
another sheet of glass wrapped around my car this morning that i had to hack off. wasn't last week's weather bad enough? luckily, i was pretty smart & had no intention of getting to work early (8:45 is good enough)
well this is certainly dull. no insight today, but i have to mention how nice it is to hear 'i love you' last thing before you fall asleep.

"I waited forever for this to get better" ---Blu Sanders


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