Tuesday, September 23, 2008

frivolous things i would do with a ridiculous amount of money

after paying off my debts (school loans, car, credit cards), these are the things that i would do with a large sum of cash:

  • give m $10k or similar sum split up so that she's not taxed & can pay part of her school loans
  • pay for my bro & his fiancee's honeymoon to hawaii
  • take mum back to london since she paid for our trip this past spring
  • buy pops the biggest collection of t-shirts ever (i always get him t's for gifts)
  • get a good, expensive haircut that i can maintain myself (i only get my haircut 3-4x per year)
  • host a pizza party (or chipotle) for my coworkers
  • hire moni & z as my part-time stylists
  • send random $50 gas cards & lush cards to my friends
  • visit praha with s. or munchen or roma or amsterdam
  • go to nyc with b to celebrate our 30th birthdays & see a broadway show
  • send my folks on a nice trip for their 35th anniversary in 2010
  • buy the complete discography of bebo norman & matthew west for j
  • make a significant donation to flood victims at my church
  • sign a no-strings small business loan to e to start his chiropractic practice
  • attend a cubs game at wrigley on my first visit to chicago
  • see an nhl game with my hockey-loving coworkers
  • decorate a & k's nursery for k iii
  • self-publish my book



At 9/24/08, 4:38 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Interesting list. You can always come to NYC and stay with me for free! I know, airfare and everything else costs a lot. But free room counts for something, right?

At 9/24/08, 5:48 PM, Blogger mar said...

tanks! :)

At 9/24/08, 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun list! It makes me wonder what I would do...

At 9/25/08, 7:20 AM, Blogger mar said...

of course, i didn't buy a ticket last night.
but it's at $200 million now.

At 9/26/08, 7:58 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

I would buy a ticket to see the Cubs in the World Series this fall. I bet scalped tix are in the double digits.

At 9/26/08, 2:09 PM, Blogger mar said...

that too, suz. but i'd be afraid i'd jinx them.
i'm off to get some cash to put into the clinic lotto pool for tomorrow. one of the phys. assistants who won a house in florida on the hg station last year put in too, so we're hoping she's still our lucky charm.


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