Tuesday, December 15, 2009


yep, there i go again, falling off the edge of the earth. and for over a month this time. not blogging is starting to get as bad as not working on my book. it's been just over a year since i had my first submission and subsequent rejection. i didn't realize at the time how symbolic that would be.
anyhoo, where i've been is working on finding a place to live. you know, an actual home that i/we own. hopefully finding out today from the bank about preapproval for a mortgage. scary, grownup stuff that i'm not sure i'm ready for right now. s is excited about it. i guess that leaves me with the role of eternal pessimist. our credit's not good enough, who would give us money, yada, yada.
it all started with me looking at properties online while we were in vegas mid-november. vegas was an awesome time with lots of eating and walking and looking at things. and apparently an anniversary trip was what s needed to make more of a commitment (ie the house thing-not like he proposed or anything, which apparently some of my friends find to be even more of a commitment than getting engaged)
my parents are kind enough to be giving us 10% down. they know i'm never going to want or have the kind of extravagant wedding that my brother did. (and i always thought the bride's family was expected to make the larger contribution-not that i think that's right.)
i've been waiting since friday to hear from the bank and i guess they're kindof backed up. supposed to find out this morning at the latest according to the loan officer s talked to yesterday afternoon. wish us luck!

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At 12/15/09, 12:15 PM, Blogger super des said...

I think buying a house together is more commitment than a proposal. I mean, you're locked in for 20 years with a house! :)

At 12/15/09, 1:08 PM, Blogger mar said...

not really, it's just a 3-5+ year commitment. what with the homebuyer's tax refund you have to live there for a minimum of 3 years. :P
how about the puppy? he's got a lifespan of at least 12 years.

At 12/17/09, 10:13 PM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

Sounds great and responsible and smart. I wish I could afford a house.

At 12/19/09, 8:00 AM, Blogger mar said...

sb, as my friend in pacific grove who just had a baby pointed, california realty is insane. just watch 1 minute of million dollar listing. ;)

At 12/21/09, 9:14 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Wow, good luck! That's really, really exciting.


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