Sunday, August 30, 2009


a few months ago, i noticed this rash on my left elbow crease. sometimes it was itchy & red and other times it would disappear. then a little over a month ago, i saw it was on both elbows. then it migrated to the backs of my knees, almost like i pushed too hard and gave myself razor burn. you know how that stings?
oh yeah, and the other embarrassing thing is that the top of my bum has also been dry & splotchy for about that same period of time.
so now, in addition to all those locations, it's itchy and painfully red at my armpits. not really the pits, but the back part of my arm & also just to the side of where the bra strap goes.
last week i made an appointment with the dermatologist, but it was for september 21. i asked to be placed on the cancellation list & they called me friday just before 5pm with an opening for monday morning. after talking with both my rheumatologist & gastroenterologist, they don't think it's anything to do with my gi or arthritis stuff. the problem is, i think it's exacerbated after my remicade infusions. i no longer break out in hives while i'm infusing, but this rash seems to show up in more places after i infuse.
last night i asked s to apply calamine to the afflicted areas & asked him what his rash was when we met 3 years ago. as i asked i remembered.
"oh yeah, you had nickelitis from the change in your pockets, right?"
"yep, that's what it was & also behind my ears from my metal glasses," he replied.
"well, i haven't been rubbing change behind my armpits. and despite it being called a coinslot, i haven't been keeping change in my &$$ crack, so i doubt that's what it is," i told him.
he busted up & agreed. we finally settled on leprosy. i'm not melodramatic or anything.

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At 9/1/09, 11:47 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

at least it's not bedbugs. If its leprosy, you can go live in the former leper colony in Hawaii!

Seriously, I hope you are OK.

At 9/2/09, 9:07 AM, Blogger mar said...

thanks, suzanne.
at first they thought maybe the puppy gave me ringworm & they did a scraping and checked it out under the microscope. no fungus!
when the staff doctor came in (the fellow saw me first & she thought it was ringworm because most of them were circular lesions), he immediately said eczema. never had eczema in my life, but i guess it's just superdry skin. arthritis when i'm 29 and eczema when i'm 30. yay! i'm a medical anomaly!
and i was thinking about the leper colony on hawaii myself. hmmm...


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