Sunday, August 02, 2009


crap! crap! crap! with all this going to blogher and getting a ready-made roommate, i've neglected to prepare for my brother's wedding on the 15th. i haven't finished his wedding present & it would take 2 weeks from now to get a custom frame made and mat cut for his gift. i haven't broken in the 3-inch heels that go with the bridesmaid's dress i can't zip up completely. until this evening at s's parents' for dinner, it had totally slipped my mind that i might have to give a wedding toast. i hate crowds, specifically speaking in front of large groups, so that'll be awesome. especially since i haven't even started thinking of something to write/say. my car needs some work before we leave on the 11th & i've at least got an appointment for the requisite oil change that's due for tuesday already. but my as yet unnamed car needs some new tires & i thought i could use the awesome employee discount slip from michelin that i picked up at blogher, but no one around here has any michelins in stock. hopefully s's mechanic will be able to get us worked in this week and he can take care of that part.
the apartment is still an unpacked mess & i'd really like to get that remedied before we head out on our 800 mile drive. coming back to a sty isn't in anyone's best interest. hopefully this week i can work through a little bit every day & things will slowly but surely be finished in time for our departure. and i won't forget anything, like the dress before we leave here. i can just see that happening.
the heels are currently crushing my screaming toes. yippee!

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At 8/3/09, 10:17 AM, Blogger super des said...

eep! Good luck!
Guess we know where your priorities lay though, huh?

At 8/4/09, 4:46 PM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

I would find a frame shop and beg. They can do it in under 2 weeks and I'm sure in this economy SOMEONE could do it.

Take care of your toesies!

At 8/4/09, 5:55 PM, Blogger mar said...

only problem is that we leave to drive up there in less than a week.
what i'm actually going to do is, i found a frame that they all fit in miraculously, and i'm going to get them a gift card to hobby lobby, so they can get it framed themselves to match their decor in the house. then i won't have paid $200 to get a frame/mat made and it clashes with everything. i realize that's more work on them, but then they won't have a gift that gets stored somewhere like the 4 fondue pots my parents got in 1975.


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