Thursday, January 13, 2005


here i am. figured i should post again, just for the heck of it. i'm avoiding work, as i have been with most of these blogs. partly because the boss(es) left town for a conference in boston at noon & in part because my brain is fried from the breakdown of my car yet again. this time, at least, i had my cellphone on me. when it happened three weeks ago, i hadn't made it out of town & was rescued by some people at a local nursery who let me stay warm in their building while i waited for a tow. so besides breaking down, forgetting my phone (which gives me a 'free' tow with my roadside assistance), my shoe broke when i was walking home from the mechanic 6 blocks from my house. what a morning!
well, this morning i had kindly followed my friend to a town just north of here while she dropped her car off at the mechanic (dumb luck!), then drove her home. i had to wake up an hour early to do this & headed to the highway and early to work. my service engine soon light went on exactly halfway between the two towns & i had to wait more than an hour for the tow truck to arrive. i finally warmed up just now after drinking some hot cocoa. and i still don't know what's wrong with duncan (my car). maybe it's time to seriously consider a new vehicle, despite all the good he's been to me.
this is an unbelievably long & whiny ramble. and i really want a hug from a certain someone. heck, anyone'll do right now so long as it's the actual physical contact, though cyberhugs are always much appreciated.

"Anytime you think you wanna be my love, that's a reason, do what you're thinking of. Anytime you think you wanna come on over, stop asking, get in the car and drive." ---Blu Sanders


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