Sunday, May 08, 2005


why me?!?! no seriously.
i'm standing in my living room, alternating between watching the cubs game & checking on an angel food cake i'm baking for a little neighbourhood grill out later this afternoon. this is all less than an hour ago. i hear a truck drive by my window & then a loud crunch/crashing noise. thinking to myself no #ffing way, i run outside to find the bumper of my car just hanging. my newly washed this morning car, mind you.
it had been going on november '03 since i'd had any kindof major bang up. this is probably #6 since my first big & horrifying accident in december '02.
how does someone run into a parked car when the friggin' garbage truck backs up the driveway twice a week without putting a scratch on the 5 cars parked there? some people. of course, this is also the guy who is dating the girl in the next building who ran into the back of the lean-to where she parks. (she wasn't even backing in; she just ran into the back wall.) a perfect match.


happy mother's day.


At 5/8/05, 6:04 PM, Blogger Rosemary said...

Bummer! Do you have a garage? Maybe you could put some orange cones around your car. Ya know? The kind they use when they are working on the roads.

Look at the bright side. You were not in it at the time, you are still alive, it is a beautiful day, and material thigns can always be replaced. Sometimes it may take a little longer, but they can. You, on the other hand, cannot. Happy Mother's Day. :)

At 5/8/05, 9:32 PM, Blogger mar said...

actually, i'm pretty cool with the whole situation. it's a pain all the phone calls i'll have to make, but at least i don't have a 60 mile commute to work anymore, so i don't have to worry about that.
my neighbor, who heard the whole thing (& actually was with me in my big ugly accident in '02) said she'd be completely pissed if it were her. i don't mind, glad no one was physically hurt, only material possessions & it's just a bit of extra time to sort things out.


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