Tuesday, March 22, 2005


my life is full of happy coincidences. they happen to me all the time and it's now a fairly regular happenstance in my day-to-day existence. par exemple, just this past month a couple things occurred that fit into this pattern. i've previously mentioned running into e, a college friend i hadn't seen in 2 years at a random concert. i didn't even know he was in iowa, let alone chance to be in my town & at the same concert i was attending. and last week i received 2 job offers & accepted one in radiology only to find out that my landlady used to work in that department for 16 years & knew my soon-to-be boss. there are so many more instances, such as leaving work early to go to the pharmacy & finding my friend a leaving campus for the day & parked one car away when i had just had lunch with his ex-gf.
are these normal events for everyone else? people seem to be surprised by the frequency with which i am confronted by these situations. i stopped recording them years ago because it was almost too much to keep track. but it can't be just me because it is partially the basis of james redfield's the celestine prophecy & the tenth insight, enjoyable books i wouldn't mind revisiting some time soon.

"And so it is, Just like you said it would be. Life goes easy on me, Most of the time. And so it is, The shorter story, No love, no glory." ---Damien Rice


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