Friday, February 25, 2005


put up your dukes, people. let's go! so i was browsing as per usual when i see a link about the dukes of hazzard. wow! i loved this show as a child and even later in life, but it's been ages since i've seen it. (that's what you get, not having big cable.) dukes started the year i was born and i'm sure it was in syndication when i have my most vivid memories. john schneider as bo duke was one of my first crushes (along with john ritter on three's company and also *blush* ben 'cooter' jones on the dukes). i think this is where my twisted love of banjo music originates and why my dream car is a '69 dodge charger (though i would willingly settle for anything from '67-'70 as the body is still fairly similar).
anyhow, i digress. what caught my eye was a sweepstakes entry to become 'vice president, cmt dukes of hazzard institute'. i guess cmt is starting to show dukes again in syndication and they are looking for an ardent enthusiast to tout the show over the next year for a 'salary' of $100,000. the requirements are to watch the show 5 days a week on cmt, serve as a media expert & make appearances & interviews, write the dukes blog for & know the words to the theme song (that last one is a cinch. who in their right mind doesn't love waylon jennings' good ol' boys? please!) is it bizarre that i'm entertaining the smallest twinge to actually enter? after all, i am looking for a new 'job', no? ;)

"Just the good ol' boys... Makin' their way, the only way they know how. That's just a little bit more than the law will allow." ---Waylon Jennings


At 2/25/05, 2:01 PM, Blogger jacks said...

I'd enter! What have you got to lose? How fun!!


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