Wednesday, February 16, 2005

musical queues

last night i saw ingram hill play in the wheelroom at ui. it was a birthday present from my friend amanda. we saw them open for ari hest two years ago at schubas (the night of our freak accident). they were just as incredible live, even better than in the barn-like atmosphere of schuba's backroom. i had met the lead singer that night in chicago & in his sweet southern boy-style, he had pushed his way through the crowd to the merch table & grabbed us copies of their independent release & worked his way back to me, so i wouldn't have to push through the crowd. i knew he wouldn't remember me, but justin came out to sign autographs just as i got to the head of the merch table line last night, so i couldn't resist. i highly recommend you check out their tunes. they were signed to hollywood records last year.
also, oddly i saw one of my fellow cobber alums last night. i hadn't seen erik in almost two years. since i'd been back to f-m for jon's wedding. it was bizarre, but i should've remembered erik has good taste in music. we did spend a month together in europe in 2000. and we still had each other's phone numbers on our cell phones, but thought they weren't active anymore. strange. he lives just an hour away. maybe i'll catch him in town again some time.
so i feel slightly more at peace with just the prospect of looking for another job. it guarantees nothing & it would be ideal to have more than 3 months at any one company, but sometimes things don't work out. all that to say, i'd now say i'm actively looking again. i don't know if there's anything keeping me here, but there's also nowhere in particular i'd like to go unless it means being with one certain person. wish me luck.

"If you ever want to come home from Chicago... I'll be there to await your arrival." ---Ingram Hill


At 2/18/05, 9:07 AM, Blogger amo said...

thanks for reminding me to pull out my ingram hill cd for my road trip this weekend. i haven't spent enough time with it yet to make up my mind. i love "will i ever make it home," though. that guy's voice is great!

At 2/18/05, 9:52 AM, Blogger mar said...

the first disc, the independently released one, is a lot slower. for the label release, i think they picked up the beat on most of the songs. my friend amanda prefers the slower version of 'chicago'
i do like them both, though.


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