Monday, January 17, 2005


so this is my life. boredom on the weekends & stressful, anxious days during the work week. i really need to learn to calm down. i'm nearly 26 and i feel as though i can barely fend for myself. it's about time i learn to make it on my own, not depending so much on the opinions of others or my parents to fall back on when things go wrong. knowing that they're there is one thing, clinging to them like i've been cast adrift without a life preserver is a stretch. not everything is an emergency. how can i be an independent woman if i can't rely on myself? i've come so far, yet there's such a long way to go and i look forward to the journey.
well, except for the near orgy i barely escaped on friday night, i spent the entire weekend sleeping & cleaning. fun! (details will not be made available about aforementioned orgy, other than to say that i left when my friends decided to start playing spin the bottle with their 19 & 20 year old downstairs neighbors and the 19 year old tried to make out with me.)

"It's a big girl world now, full of big girl things, and everyday I wish I was small." ---Kendall Payne


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