Wednesday, January 26, 2005

birthdays, etc

this is a strange age to be (okay, with me any age is odd). in less than a week (next tuesday to be specific), i'll be twenty six. last year i turned the big quarter century and it pretty much went by unnoticed. but now the thoughts creep in that i never really planned on my life being like this when i was younger. geez, back when i was twelve it seemed so far off. not that i was particularly dreamy and as a little girl never really thought that much of weddings and children. still, this isn't exactly what i imagined. or at all.
not that that's necessarily a bad thing. we're not exactly living in the future of flying cars and talking houses. not exactly. after all, how boring would it be if we did know & could predict all that was going to happen? maybe that's why i've never visited a psychic. life is hectic enough without having to worry about where you'll be in twenty years. i doubt it'll be anything like i'd imagine.

"You're an old time memory." ---Josh Kelley


At 1/27/05, 12:19 PM, Blogger amo said...

enjoy the ride, mar . . .
enjoy the ride.


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