Tuesday, February 01, 2005

birth day

today is my birthday. i think this is the most 'attention' i've gotten on my birthday in a long time. moreso than last year, certainly. my own parents didn't call me, which was fine since i was recuperating from the night before and it was the superbowl.
my coworkers bought me some lovely tulips, tons of cards have been received & i've got this whole new car thing on my mind. even went out last friday night with friends who wanted to celebrate my birthday early. things are good. i shouldn't complain and so i won't. there have been times when things have been much worse and there's very little wrong with my life right now beyond one major problem i can see. life is beautiful.
love you guys!

"Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me!"


At 2/4/05, 8:49 AM, Blogger amo said...

happy birthday, girl!

(sorry, i'm a bit behind on the blogs.)


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