Tuesday, February 08, 2005

quarter year in review

i've been ever-so occupied with the retention of my (hated) job lately there's been no time to post. i had the opportunity to work on my slow-going novel yesterday afternoon. it would be useful if i spent some time on it daily. i hear that's the key to the writing process, doing a little every single day.
so i have my 90 day review coming up soon. and a mini-review with my immediate supervisor tomorrow afternoon. there is some anxiety about how this will go as i seem to be the least active of the sales reps. (wow do i dislike that term, but we all hate it here on the 'sales team') coldcalling. blar! actually, besides being ill & uninsured for the moment, i'm a bit happier at the job these past couple days simply for the fact that i discovered launchcast radio. then i get a wide variety of music & i don't have to keep changing cds on my computer. or even bother dragging them in to the office at all. (no gratuities have been provided to pimp this site; it's just that music makes me so happy.)
i've sortof isolated myself the past couple days as well & wonder if that's something i should continue for at least a bit longer. it's good to be introspective every so often and i think, much as my own emotions are usually pretty close to the surface, i need to look past the superficiality of what I show to everyone else. there's an awful lot more to mull over when you dig deep.
sorry this is so very dull.

"Another postcard with chimpanzees and every one is addressed to me." ---Barenaked Ladies (sorry, this post really needed some randomosity. :D )


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