Thursday, February 24, 2005

cover letter

dear employer:
i am writing to introduce myself. not that this company is particularly large, but because you continue to mispronounce my name after three months. it's not really that difficult. i was just wondering why it is that a bachelor's degree was required in the job description when this job could be performed by a semi-talented monkey. i'm supposed to spend five hours each day calling newspapers who have no relationship with us and that's not coldcalling? we're nothing more than glorified telemarketers, albeit with flashy business cards. that should have been the first clue that we were so enamored by that bit of fluff. as it stands, i would like to tender my resignation, as soon as i find something else halfway decent.

employee #41

well, that felt really good, getting that off my chest. all joking aside, i'm in a fairly jovial mood, for whatever reason. writing cover letters isn't my forte. must not be for all the jobs i've gotten with one (read-none). i'd really like to start writing again and have here and there. but it's like exercise or any other thing you make into a habit. you have to remind (or some days force) yourself to do it regularly until it becomes something in your day that you can't live without, can't get by without. pilates has become that for me in the past year. and i certainly have got enough free time to fit in one or two more good habits.

addendum- i am more than slightly peeved. i wrote this over an hour ago, hit publish & received an error. everything i'd written (some of it witty) was gone! grrrr... so this is a sad attempt at a re-write. oh well. i'm going home for the day!

"When people change your life you remember who they are. I’m not saying you were perfect, no one really is. But perfection’s in perception and it’s what you make of it." ---Stephen Kellogg


At 2/24/05, 8:50 PM, Blogger mdog said...

grrr... i'm with you on employment discontent. bleh.

i basically wrote one cover letter [unashamedly borrowing from a resume writing handout from my undergrad days], and i just keep modifying it to personalize it to each job application. it works wonders, really, and it's less stressful than thinking, "oh man, i gotta write a whole new cover letter" every time...


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