Wednesday, February 23, 2005


i'm really good at that. sighing, that is. my pensive musings are much too sullen to continue posting here in this vein. i apologize for giving the impression that my life is a mess (sometimes it is) and want to make things better. i've finally got some small amount of closure on my non-existent lovelife and i'll be fine with that. i have to be. and that's okay. maybe i can (re)visit later on.
next tuesday i have an interview in ic, which would be nice for me to be able to work in town & not have to commute. i've heard good things about the company. probably be a decrease somewhat in pay, so i still have to consider my options on moving. i love living close to downtown, but there's really no need when i don't work there anymore. i have two weeks to decide about re-signing my lease. the thought of leaving the place where i've lived the past three years causes a twinge. i don't know if it'd be better, since moving all my junk is such a chore in & of itself. the cost of living elsewhere may not be reduced if it costs an arm and a leg to move. something to consider. i've heard that moving takes years, or maybe it's just months, off your life. the stress of it the last time, i'd certainly believe it. my parents & i, gritting our teeth & arguing over how to lift something or move that box there. oy, i wanted to strangle them. as i'm sure they wanted to throttle me. sometimes i just wish i could live out of a suitcase again, like when i was traveling. you have everything you truly need, all the amenities of life. but then, i love my stuff too much. it's why i've been slowly trying to unclutter my life by sorting through all the junk in my apartment. it's a terribly slow process, but i'm getting there. such is life.

"So if you have to go, go quickly 'Cause I'm waking up from tortured dreams." ---Stephen Kellogg


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