Wednesday, March 16, 2005


i just received one of the nicest inadvertent compliments. my two coworker pals (not for long) & i went outside to enjoy the balmy weather while they were testing the fire alarms in our office. wanting to be tall for once (& avoid getting mud on my new argyle shoes, sweet!) i stood on the picnic table. g lamented the fact that they would have to insert a new dynamic into our little triumvirate since i'm abandoning them next week & s decided to pick up the table i was standing on in order to knock me off. wondering aloud how much the picnic table could possibly weigh (sans me on top of it), g said 'oh, about 40 pounds. around 100 with you on it.' letting out a terse laugh, i, never considering myself a lightweight, told him to add at least another hundred. after all, i weigh one-fifty. he looked at me pointedly denying that i could weigh that much, unless it's all muscle. nope, 149 at the doctor's office a week ago and those scales never lie (unless you weigh too much, then they're always off). he said he'd never have guessed it, but then, i do pilates, right? 120, he says. it's sad that that makes me feel so good. but the best compliment was the offhand remark that they would have trouble replacing me when i'm gone. physical compliments are one thing, but having a hot body does not a delightful personality make. i've got the best of both worlds. ;) there goes a big chunk of 'fat girl syndrome', as i call it. balm to my soul.

"I got my high heels, boots of steel, My lipstick to kiss and kill; I'm following through on something new That isn't about you." ---Leona Naess


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