Friday, March 04, 2005


mmmmmm, curry! i adore a good curry & went to a place called thai moon for lunch today. only one coworker left in the office with me, so we decided to party since the others left town with us holding down the fort. s is fun times, always good conversation, even if he does have a dozen nicknames for me (sweet tater, cutie, twister, satan, etc).
a conversation about friendship was broached on another blog yesterday and i was thinking how appreciative i am of the people i consider my friends. for instance, s is a coworker & we've only known each other since we started working here in november. but we've had this jesting attitude since nearly the beginning. then there's t; i was at his place on wednesday night, just watching a movie & fixing drinks. he's been a friend for over a year now, as incredible as that seems and i can recall how we clicked from our first meeting at work. he is solid & i cherish having him in my life. he grounds me sometimes & i think that i surprise him with some of my opinions, despite some generalizations he has about women. a came over yesterday with my kitty-nephew to see if i was free to watch them next week & she was another person who i formed an immediate attachment. all these when i went out of my way to initiate the connection, rather than wait for everyone to seek me out.
friends are a precious commodity in my life, but i now realize, unlike in high school & some of college, they are not people with whom i need to curry favor. the people who are truly my friends don't need me around as a go'fer to fetch and carry, placate them by agreeing with their opinions. there was a time where i felt that was necessary to retain my friendships. i finally comprehend how one-sided that behavior can be & see it much more clearly in past relationships i've had and even worse, in current attachments some friends of mine cultivate with other people. i want to open their eyes to the revelation that they deserve more than that. they are equal partners in the relationship. and yet it took me so long to that conclusion on my own. it's in their time, like so many other things that are out of my hands.

"Life has brought us here together to remind us that love will rise above it all and just keep growing. Life keeps flowing, and every moment starts right here with us" ---Mason Jennings


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