Sunday, March 20, 2005

how do i love thee?

let me count the ways (in no specific order):

1) your laughter & ability to make me laugh
2) your wit & intelligence
3) your social conscience
4) your tenderness & patience with me
5) your love for your family
6) your honesty (even when it hurts)
7) your abiding love & appreciation for music (which may even be greater than mine)
8) the fact that i could talk to you & no one else for the rest of my life & never get bored
9) the way you correct people who mispronounce my name
10) your beautiful eyes & the sincerity i see in them
11) the way you held my hand or kissed my forehead
12) how my heart smiles whenever i think about you

...and i could go on adding to this list forever, but i won't for the sake of my small audience.

"Accidentally in love." ---Counting Crows


At 3/21/05, 3:52 PM, Blogger jacks said...

I thought you were talking about me until I read the last two! ;)

At 3/21/05, 4:56 PM, Blogger mar said...

you're a dork.


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