Friday, March 18, 2005

time travel

when i first went to work for mci, k received an e-mail from someone requesting the schematics for a time machine. see, they had come from the future & needed to repair their time machine with equipment available in 2003. as it was well-known in this chronological wanderer's era that mci had this advanced knowledge, he sent a query to online customer service. how very wise of him.
i've been thinking about travel today & my past travels. the last trip i took (not counting the hour to the casino with work last weekend) was to nashvegas over thanksgiving. and before that i went home for b's graduation in may, then nash a year ago this week. seems my ability to fulfill my wanderlust has diminished significantly. part of this is the result of a lack of funds & free time to indulge my oft times unplanned jaunts to assorted locales. another factor is my hibernal tendencies over the past year. it's an almost oppressive desire to stay at home lest i miss something. what, i don't know. (okay, maybe i know a little.) i guess there's a time and a place for everything. perhaps now is just my homebody stage. when i was younger (early 20s), i went to england, italy, israel, germany, netherlands, poland, czech republic, greece. fascinating & i loved every second of it.
so i seem destined to spend my days voyaging through the travels of my past rather than seeing the world up close. i wonder if the aforementioned time traveler is still stuck here, looking for his way home.

"Sometimes when you're doing simple things around the house Maybe you'll think of me and smile." --- Warren Zevon


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