Sunday, May 01, 2005


it's all i can think of. it has to be all in my head because considering the massive quantities i've eaten today alone (two reuben sandwiches, cauliflower & cheese, two dinner rolls with butter, a thin mint cookie, half a bag of salt & vinegar potato chips, glass of milk & a hunk of red velvet cake), there's no way that my stomach actually needs anything else. but i want something, food in my mouth. call it an oral fixation, if you will. these stupid steroids. and it's so glaringly obvious to me that i've gained weight because i've been eating like this for at least the past two weeks. sickening, yet i know that i need the drugs to get well. i just wish the side effects weren't so, i don't know, noticeable. the fluctuation in my weight can't be all too healthy either.

oh yeah, and i'm all spotty. just what else i need. thanks again steroids. :-p

"Brace yourself with all that you have." ---Howie Day


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