Thursday, September 27, 2007

redheads are difficult

at least that's what the admitting nurse, the same one from last week, told me last night. yes, i'm back in the hospital again. basically, after discharge on sunday, i spent all day monday at work in pain. the doctor was gone until wednesday & his colleague told me the standard copout answer 'go to the er' if it gets too bad. well, i toughed it out (almost did 3 full days of work, less one hour yesterday) & dr t finally got back to me just before 4pm on wednesday to tell me he wanted me admitted again. there's really nothing else to do for me with the pain, bleeding & weight loss but to be here for care. (from my admittance on the 19th to yesterday it looks like i lost 4kg. and i can tell because even my toe ring fell off inside my little hospital sock in the middle of the night!)
admission was a pain because it took them nearly 3 hours from beginning to end. i was in the room most of the time, but they ended up getting an obg nurse who sticks babies to put in my iv. and i've got an 80 year old roommate who needs gallbladder surgery, so i didn't get much sleep. she called the nurse every 20 minutes and for half an hour at 4am, she was constantly saying 'ohhh-ho-ho' 'please' 'mercy' & telling herself to be quiet, along with a nurse coming in 3 times. and i didn't feel like i could ask for a tylenol for my splitting headache while she couldn't have anything. they did give me a half valium before bed simply because dr t had to deal with me sobbing in his office. thanks prednisone side effects! but they do have my name in for a private room & once one is vacated the nurses will move me. it's not that i wanna be all greedy with a room to myself, but i like my privacy & when i have to run for the bathroom to be sick every couple hours, i don't want to disturb someone else. or heaven forbid, have them be in the bathroom when i need it!
right now it sounds like the doc's discouraging surgery for other methods that would mean i'd have to have expensive infusions every 6-8 weeks for an indefinite amount of time. he's going to have a surgeon come talk to me at some point, but no one in the area does the one step colectomy & reattach (not quite the technical term, but i'm not sure of the full name). and of course, i'd prefer to do that to having a colostomy bag for any length of time. it's not so much that i'm looking for a quick surgical fix, if you can even say that when it comes to the risks of surgery. it's just that i am open & willing to discuss that option, especially since removing my colon is the only cure for my condition.

on another note, my dad was supposed to get his biopsy results yesterday & when my folks went into the doctor, he told them to come back in a week. so upset!



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