Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the next day

tomorrow should be an interesting day. my dad will get the biopsy results back from the lymph node he had removed last thursday & my doctor will be back in the office to find out that i'm in the same, if not worse, shape than when he admitted me to the hospital last week. in the case of my dad, at least it'll be good to finally have a diagnosis, whatever the outcome. for my part, i won't be surprised if my next option is surgery. as scary as that is, it's the only cure for colitis-total colectomy. at least i'm pretty much healthy otherwise, so i might luck out & not have to have a colostomy bag or any other fun contraption like that.
i probably shouldn't have eaten the vegetable curry for dinner tonight, but dang, did i want to try some real food & it tasted so good. i'm too weak to be one of those people who will just take a bite, chew it to taste and then can spit it out. much the same with wine, another thing i can't have any time soon. obviously solid food is still a challenge. that's why i stocked up on enough baby food to last me a week. all the yummy fruit kinds. apple mango!
best take my half sleeping pill & go to sleep. the upstairs neighbor is 'walking' around, shaking my apartment again. it's the only way i'll get any rest.

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