Saturday, December 22, 2007

year in review: october 2007

life as usual

i went back to work on the 1st of october after my 8 day hospitalization. people still told me that i should've taken a couple more days, especially when they found out i'd just been discharged on sunday afternoon. like the week before, i just needed to get out & move around. i wanted things as close to back to normal as possible. i also found out, 6 months after my grandmother's death, that i had inherited a small amount of money from the sale of her house, a house i will never again have the chance to visit.

then on wednesday i fell down the stairs. i had gone up there at 3am to confront my neighbor for being incredibly loud. i was so frightened & weak that after asking him to keep it down, my legs were shaking so badly that i dropped my phone on the top step & when i bent over to pick it up, i tumbled face first down the stairs. that was so fun. i considered calling in to work late, but just had s drop me off. turned out that my coworker had gone to the er with my boss because she (coworker) had a panic attack.

on friday, to make up for ruining s's 24th birthday, i made reservations at givanni's & we got all dressed up. also, i wanted to wear the dress i bought for my college roomie's wedding that was to be that saturday. s refused to make the 4 hour drive because he didn't think i was up to it. dinner was fantastic, food & company included.

mum also booked tickets for us to go across the pond. it'll be 5 years since she went the first time in march 2003. should be fun, so long as we both stay healthy!

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