Friday, December 14, 2007

year in review: february 2007

the month of my birthday, valentine's day & the big snowstorm

s had some gorgeous flowers, lilies & roses, sent to the hospital on my birthday. everyone at work was jealous. until my boss's bf in cali sent her a couple hundred dollar bouquet for v-day. we also went to the ever-classy red lobster that night. i wore my sexy kenneth cole pumps with 3" heels. not the best idea i've ever had since it was winter. i had s help me down from the curb & as we're both completely klutzy i slipped & bashed my eyebrow into the corner of his glasses. i even had a nice gash above the inside corner of my eye. smooth move!

this valentine's day was also my first holiday with a significant s.o. i found the 'perfect' gift for him & i was so excited to give it to s that i ended up having him open it early. it was funny because right after i'd bought it, he told me that homemade ice cream was one of his favourite things ever. s got me a pair of cute red velvet-y jammies.

my mother underwent a complicated hysterectomy & she lost quite a bit of blood. i can remember going in to work, knowing that she was in surgery & waiting, waiting for my dad to call me to tell me it was over & everything was fine. at noon, he still hadn't called & she went into the o.r. at 7am. i was freaked, even moreso when he told that they'd just then wheeled her into recovery, 5 hours after beginning surgery. she's fine, but they ended up having to cut her open versus doing the surgery laparoscopically.

at the end of the month we had a wicked snowstorm. i don't ever remember going to the grocery store & having so many people stocking up for the bad weather. luckily, it was a friday afternoon & we had nothing planned for the weekend, except a recipe i wanted to try out. we went to fareway because i didn't know where else to find duck. turns out they had whole duck, only frozen, so i had to wait until saturday night to make dinner, but things turned out okay. and by sunday things had started melting & we hit the brunch crowd at country kitchen with half the rest of the city.

well, i've got a party tonight. time to get ready. on to march tomorrow!

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