Monday, December 03, 2007

you stay

this post has been a long time coming. ever since my gran passed in april of this year, i've had an incredibly difficult time attending church services. the funeral was basically the same weekend as easter and my dad's birthday. that's basically eight months now. being hospitalized in september and recovering from that just made it that much easier to make excuses for not going. perhaps this is just a normal drought in my spiritual life. i kinda hope that's all it is. i still pray every night before i go to sleep, but i feel like i'm not keeping up my end by worshiping in a formal setting, or at all some days/weeks/months.
listening to my ipod one night before bed, the song in my title came on. it sortof put things into perspective. even if this malaise continues for a while longer, i think it'll be okay, eventually.

you stay
by scott phillips

i’ve run away in search of greener fields
but you have stayed despite how that must make you feel
i’ve sown the seeds…and pain is all i reap
but here you stand…your love remains as deep
though i turn away…when my consistency sways
you stay, you stay
foolish things i’ve tried…i’ve turned my face, ashamed i would hide
but you kneel and smile and gently then you comfort your child
a star a stable and angels all hail the day you came
and even though we tried to make you leave
because of me you stay, because of me you stay

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