Wednesday, October 10, 2007

soren @ coe college w/ mat kearney

on tuesday night, s & i went to coe college in cr to see mat kearney. i'd been enjoying 'nothing left to lose' for about a year, so it was good to go to a concert. their live show was amazing and the only thing that didn't translate well was the spoken-word/rap part of the songs. meiko opened, only her 3rd show with the tour & she wasn't half bad, though i generally don't dig female vocalists.

here's the set list:
1) crashing down
2) can't break her fall
3) bullet
4) in the middle (he switched from guitar to piano for this song)
5) renaissance
6) chicago (a new song not on the album)
7) wait
8) where we gonna go from here
9) girl america
10) until tomorrow? (this was a song i didn't know or catch the name)
11) soren's drum jam*
12) nothing left to lose
13) breathe in, breathe out (featured on the grey's anatomy season) premiere
14) undeniable

he may have done an encore, but we left at this point as it was after 10pm, we still had to drive 30 miles home, s wasn't totally digging the semi-mellow vibe & i was exhausted before we even left for the show.

*midway through the show, they brought out the 4 year old son, soren, of one of the guitarists. they thought he fell asleep, but he came out for a rockin' jam on the drums with the band. they said he only knows the classics, beatles & u2. the video is below. i only caught about 10-seconds on my phone, but he kicked it for a couple minutes. pretty incredible.



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