Saturday, October 06, 2007

last night i made reservations for dinner at givanni's. partly i wanted to make up for not going out for s' birthday since that was the day i was first admitted to the hospital and partly i wanted a chance to dress up because we missed iv's wedding in the cities today. so i got all dolled up after work and we walked in at 6.30pm on the dot. they had our table waiting for us. the exact same dais where we ate the last two times we've been there, too.
dinner was divine. the prednisone munchies kicked in hardcore on thursday night, so it's kindof a mixed blessing that i can eat solid food now because i want to eat all the time. we had the yummy bread & olive oil/parm/cracked pepper & calamari fritti as an appetizer. i almost always get the vegetarian lasagna (half marinara & half alfredo, so yum), but i saw the sweet potato ravioli on the online menu & wow, was it amazing. the sauce & a smattering of bleu cheese perfectly complemented the sweetness. s had the beef tips with roasted red peppers & handmade pasta. all so tasty!
we talked and laughed and ate & it was sweet and romantic. in one month it'll be a year from our first 'official' date.



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At 10/8/07, 1:12 PM, Blogger ann-marie said...

how great to have a nice night out, especially after having felt so crummy lately.

i love the pic--so sweet and smile-inducing. :)

At 10/8/07, 4:52 PM, Blogger jacks said...

Awwww! You're so cute!


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