Wednesday, October 03, 2007

prat fall

yesterday i felt pretty good. woke up & was sick at 6.30am, but went the whole day at work without being sick once. i even walked the 30 minutes home for the first time in more than 3 weeks. it felt really good to get some exercise, even though i knew my butt was gonna be sore today. and the torrential downpour that soaked me completely through, but that was all cool.
went to bed just after 10pm and when i woke up around 4 to be sick, all i can hear is my upstairs neighbor & his gf talking loudly. just conversationally loud, not yelling or fighting. so i threw on my robe & went upstairs to knock on their door. i asked if they could talk a little quieter considering the time. he was very nice about it & thanked me for coming to him directly because our landlord had left him a 'nasty note'. (i had previously left two letters for the landlord as written documentation of all the noise disturbances.) the problem was i was so weak while i stood there at his door, i thought my knees were going to give out. i could barely keep myself upright leaning against the wall. when he closed the door behind me, my cell phone slipped out of my hand on the top step. as i bent over to get it i stumbled down one step & totally in slow motion continued to slide face first down the half-flight of stairs. then i had to climb back up to get my phone & go back to my apartment & crawl into bed. not a good night.
at least they did quiet down, thank goodness.

~also, my dad is supposed to get his biopsy results back this afternoon.

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