Saturday, September 29, 2007

still here

not that anyone probably thought otherwise. pastor jan stopped by around 2-ish and s got back into town a while after she stopped by to talk, so when she left after we all prayed, he took me outside to the rose garden. it's just little, but at least it was outside. and i've got my window open now.
they had my thermostat set at 80 last night & i thought i was in a sauna. it's bad enough that the pillows are plastic & make my head sweat. thank goodness s brought me his, so besides a nice pillow, it smells like him. they also woke me up at 4:30am to draw blood. wtf? yeah, no clue why that was necessary. sure, the doc wants to check my potassium level, but isn't it important that i get a full night's rest?
happily i'm on solid food, eating what i can of the general hospital diet at my discretion. i'm not gonna be an idiot about it and just scarf down anything they put in front of me. my stomach has shrunk significantly besides being used to mostly mushy, liquid food. spaghetti for lunch & it tasted so good. i think i get baked cod & sweet potatoes for dinner. i still want a corndog.



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