Monday, October 22, 2007

puddle hopping

mum & i are returning to england after a 5-year hiatus. yay! she booked the trip last night. last week february/first week of march, 6 nights.

things i must do in london, spring ‘08:
two (2) plays, minimum
tut exhibit
london eye
eat at my olde dutch (for the 5th time)

any other 'musts'? this will be my fifth trip in a dozen years, so i've already seen most of it & have plans for repeats on many things.

my dad is rather disappointed about this trip, even though it's been five years in the making. mum's first trip was the same week we declared war on iraq (march 2003) and was a painfully brief 3 days. she'd wanted to go her entire life, which is why she sent me the first time when i was sixteen. anyway, dad says this is all a surprise to him when my mum made the reservations last night because finances are tight (mum has been saving specifically for this for at least 3 years), he wanted to go visit his sister in texas because it could be his last trip (where do i get my melodramatic streak?), when is mother going to have more vacation time and once the jeep craps out they'll need to invest in a new(ish) vehicle. he does know how to lay on the guilt trip. i know he's sick, but he's not helping his health by this depression, which i informed him he should talk to a therapist, whether he's diagnosed with a terminal illness or not. and since he has yet to be diagnosed with one, there's no need to play guessing games as to which dire disease he thinks he may have now. i love my daddy, but if he isn't careful, he's going to quite literally worry himself into an early grave. *sigh* there goes the sparkle on my trip to londontown.

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At 10/22/07, 8:55 PM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

Tell dad I said "Shut up!" LOL

At 10/23/07, 10:14 AM, Blogger ann-marie said...

if you can find a way to take sueb0b's suggestion and mingle it with sensitivity, i say go for it. :)

enjoy london for me. i have been once, and only for four days.

some day i'll go back. but first, i have to bring my hubby to the motherland . . . sweden. :)


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