Thursday, November 08, 2007

insurance f#$% ups

so besides my dad's pet scan being denied by insurance, last friday i had a message from the benefits office telling me that i didn't have any insurance & it was supposed to be canceled back to 2005. mind you, the exact same thing happened last december. the problem lay in that i was bumped from my job by a senior clerk on 6/30/05 and was rehired on 7/14/05 in a different clinic in the hospital. my supervisor told me i didn't have to go through orientation again; therefore i never received paperwork to sign up for insurance again. plus i was told that benefits would be 'automatically restored' (i have an e-mail using that phrasing copied & pasted directly from the hr website).
after waiting & worrying all weekend, i called the woman on monday to find out she wasn't in the office, left a message w/ another benefits 'specialist' who eventually called me back five hours later, only to have her tell me that the original woman would have to sort it out. the second woman eventually called me back on tuesday because i had told her i needed to know by noon whether or not i had to cancel my infusion on wednesday. basically she told me it was my fault for not (knowing to) fill out the paperwork, despite the fact that the original benefits lady who brought up the issue in 2006 had told me everything was resolved. anyway, she said it's taken care of but they never had any evidence that i paid for the two months worth of cobra to cover my rehire (i qualified for benefits 9/1/05). of course, i have an e-mail from them saying that it would be directly withdrawn from my paycheck, so i took them at their word. apparently to get this completely resolved (until they decide to f@#$ me over next year), i owe $634 ($317x2 months), unless i can find my old checks. guess i'll spend the weekend going over my 2005 bank statements.

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At 11/10/07, 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for a large insurer, so you would think my benefits would be all smooth and stuff. No. I just got an EOB for lab work. It was filed under my ex's name. I haven't been on his insurance for 2 years and you'd think they would know that SINCE I WORK FOR THEM. - SBob


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