Thursday, December 13, 2007

year in review: january 2007

i'm borrowing this idea from another blog i regularly skim. recapping the year 2007 month by month over the next few days. it should be a good way to jog my memory of the events, both good & bad, besides rereading my not-so-daily bloggings.

a new year

the year started out slowly since i was recovering from a nasty flu bug just after christmas day. s & i spent new year's eve together at a party flowing with cheap champagne (thanks, matt & joe!) i, of course, avoided the truth or dare jumbling towers & it was a first for s. but things weren't the same for heather's choice when she's far away in savannah.
not long after, chronica arrived back in town & invited us over for their joint b-day celebration. funny thing is, s & chris graduated hs together and neither realized their girlfriends knew each other. odd, since monica & i are 6 & 5 years older than they are, respectively. turned into a regular friday night party. i never would've guessed it.
s & i also attended an e18 concert in cedar rapids where we had the pleasure of running into my ex. it was surprisingly pleasant to realize that it no longer bothered me to see him. that was probably the best revelation all month.

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