Monday, December 17, 2007

year in review: may 2007

graduation & loneliness

time for caps & gowns! (not for me; i graduated hs 10 years ago & college six years ago now.) pickel, s' roommate, graduated & moved out of their apartment, the same weekend s left for 2 weeks of national guard annual training. i had keys, so i spent a lot of time over there while he was gone, watching expanded cable, surfing the internets & just sleeping. it was a long two weeks. when s got back, he presented me with a little white box from one of the 'boutiques' on the ped mall. it was a pretty little silver & gold twisted bracelet. i'd lost the best bracelet in the world a couple months before & he remembered how sad i was about that. it was also right about our 6 month anniversary, though we didn't actually celebrate it.

admittedly, part of the reason i spent so much time at the other apartment, besides missing s, was that my creepy peeping tom neighbor had escalated his attentions. creepy ricky has been 'birdwatching' in the windows of the apartments since i moved in 5 years ago. he stands around the corners of the complex & hides when people walk up. really he's probably a maladjusted, shy middle-aged man, but his tendencies to watch people & particularly ask me creepy questions (like if he can take my picture when i was taking out the trash), put me on edge. he was sad when i was thinking about moving & said he wished we could talk more & be better friends. i'd barely said a dozen words to him before that point. then he asked for my phone number & continued to call me, leaving messages. i shouldn't have given him my actual number, but i was flustered.

that's about it for may! stay tuned for june!

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