Saturday, December 15, 2007

year in review: march 2007

what happened in march?

okay, so i officially met the parents as i was invited to mama-in-law's birthday dinner. my how awkward, as i love eating in front of people i don't know, let alone people on whom i want to make a good impression. it went fine; i didn't spill on myself, too much.

well, for spring break s left me to go to tulsa & visit his brother. he & his roommate drove down and they went to a flogging molly concert on st pat's day. i apparently spent the day incognito. i had my hair pulled back & sunglasses on when dani, her friend nola from the twin cities & i went over to chris & monica's place. i said hi & walked into the kitchen to dump the case of beer i was carrying. chris didn't even recognize me & thought some strange chick just walked right into his house. it was funny.

also, we had some semi-serious discussion about moving in together. s brought it up & he was the one who eventually shot it down a month later. this is also when the noise began to escalate from the psycho upstairs neighbor screaming & crying & stomping her 37 year old feet like a toddler having a tantrum. joy.

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