Wednesday, January 02, 2008

write more!

how's that going for me, you ask? oh, here i am, just getting around to making a post or at least some little blurb. hmph! at least i forced myself to do my daily 20 minute workout a few moments ago.

perhaps tomorrow i'll have something of interest to post. in case you were unaware, it's the iowa caucus thursday night & i inted to be a first time caucuser (is that what i'm going to be?!?) i'm still feeling quite torn on what i'll do. i've been leaning obama for the past few months, but in all honesty, i really like bill richardson & his stances, even though i'm afraid he doesn't have a snowball's chance in... new mexico. admittedly they aren't terribly different from barack's take on the issues. i've been terribly lax on researching those issues, even the ones i consider important to me.

if i weren't so anti-social, as s oft tells me, perhaps this wouldn't be such a big deal. the fact that it's so icy frigid is not much of an incentive to go out of the house after spending all day at work. but this is a democratic privilege to take part in the process & hey, it's only a couple hours out of my evening. i wonder if my vote will make a difference?

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