Friday, December 28, 2007

year in review: december 2007

it's over? already?

i honestly can't believe december has come & gone already. not too terribly much to report. i rescheduled my sushi party that was postponed by my september hospital stay into a scandinavian holiday party. i made glögg, rosettes, served jarlsberg & lefse. there were 8 of us, so it was nice & intimate. only so many people fit in my apartment anyway.
christmas eve was on my own & s and i actually opened our gifts on sunday night when he got back from 4 days in missouri for a wedding. i spent christmas day at his family's place, 9.30am until 9.15pm. that was quite a long day when i couldn't politely escape the house (even though s & his brother left for 2 hours). well, i survived.

new year's eve to be at a friend of s's, pizza & video games, probably. oh, and a rootbeer keg. i'm kindof looking forward to a quiet celebration.

see you next year!

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