Saturday, October 25, 2008


oh how i love being awakened from s's cozy bed at 2am by the sounds of shouting and an imminent fight outside his house. his bedroom window faces the street, which is more than 5 blocks from the downtown bar scene. somehow 3 friends of his roommates' friends (2 guys & a girl, who i swear are underage, but hey, they let 19 year olds in bars here, so long as they 'don't drink') ended up sitting on the stoop since both roommates, aye indeed everyone in this here house, were asleep at that time.
and lo, the screaming and name-calling and fight-inducing began. not necessarily with the sketchy 'friends' on the stoop, but some other lovely neandertals, one of whom started screaming 'faggot!' and 'pussy!' repeatedly to taunt some other not-so-bright male who happened to be outside.
now as an insult, neither really works. there's nothing wrong with being a faggot, per se (i prefer other words, but meh, i love my gay friends) and perhaps if you, being male, have an issue with pussy & find it an insult, then maybe you are gay yourself. whatcha gonna do?
a number of factors (this not being my house, response time of police, my lack of voice & snotty head due to a nasty cold that is still causing me to hack up phlegm balls this morning) prevented me from opening the window into the 40 degree chill & screaming back at them that they were complete morons & get the hell out of here because i'd called the cops to report a hate crime. s went down in his robe to let the people on the stoop in, but things slowly dissipated after that. (perhaps very large occupier of house coming outside while the two drunk douchebags fight probably brought them enough to their senses to go away or at least move to another vicinity)
and now i'm headed downstairs to dig up some dayquil. pretty sure the random folks are still crashed out on the various furniture down there. yay!

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At 10/26/08, 1:32 AM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

Its just as well. I learned from living near bars that yelling at drunks just makes them yell back...forever.

At 10/26/08, 4:31 PM, Blogger mar said...

yeah, that's true.
last night the drunks happened to be playing beer pong downstairs from me & when s came home from a concert (i had an immediate food poisoning reaction 20 minutes after we left the restaurant) at 2am & he bellowed at the roommates & their stupid, inconsiderate friends (who had been playing from 11pm to 2.30am) & started a fight with his one roomie who yelled that he was saying this stuff 'because of her!' meaning me. they now have to have a house discussion this evening. we left at 2.30 to sleep at my apartment.
i said i won't be going back there since i'm not welcome. bros before hos, right?

At 10/28/08, 8:40 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Wow, sounds like fun times. S's defense of you gave me warm, cuddly feelings, though.

At 10/28/08, 8:54 AM, Blogger mar said...

home from work sick. my voice was nonexistent & squeaky yesterday, but another coworker was sick, too & i had to take a bunch of calls & make them. no voice whatsoever today.
s came over for dinner & aked me if i'd stay over again last night. apparently a full-fledged meeting didn't occur. the roomies basically agreed that they were both drunk & things got out of hand. (i had no idea s even had that much to drink because the adrenaline sobered him up real quick.)


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