Tuesday, October 28, 2008


on thursday night i went to bed with a scratchy throat. just in time for the weekend, what a perfect time to get sick! well, i couldn't talk on saturday, but s & i went out for a nice dinner. turned out to be an overpriced place, but he had a gift certificate from someone for his efforts with the flood in june. my salmon tasted fantastic, though & i gladly shared with s. twenty minutes later, upon arriving back at the house just in time to feel the effects of food poisoning. (i won't go into gory details, but i lost 3lbs). sunday morning, still scratchy & again on monday, but i went to work hoping that i would be able to avoid the phone since i work in the backroom on mondays. unfortunately, one of my other coworkers called in sick, so i ended up having to use my much depleted voice more than anticipated. this was not beneficial in any way & it hurt to swallow my own saliva due to a lump that had taken up residence in the left side of my throat. and because of a complete lack of appetite, i skipped my lunch & left at 4. s & i had grilled cheese & tuscan tomato soup courtesy of bread garden. (i made the grilled cheese, but purchased the ingredients there.)
at his invitation, i joined s at the house to sleep after knocking back an aperitif of nyquil cough. we chilled in his room watching tv & he repeatedly informed me that i wasn't going to work in the morning. i said/croaked we'll see how i feel in the morning. i also had a delightful cough going for me, not phlegmy but not dry. well, the nyquil dried that out, so throughout the night i woke to bark/cough.
a steamy hot shower at 6am didn't do much to alleviate my symptoms, which now included a swollen right eye (i think the coughing traumatized my eyeballs), cough and no voice. when my alarm went off at quarter to 7, i nudged s & dialed in my boss's number. she didn't answer, so he left a message. then at 8am, when she didn't answer her work line, he called & left a message with another coworker. i really hope the sick one yesterday was there today because we can only afford to have one person off at a time, but i was no use to anyone.
i spent the day surfing the net, flipping channels, napping. i didn't talk until i called s about quarter to five & ask him to bring me some velveeta shells 'n cheese. sounds like something that would slide down smoothly. if i didn't actually have to swallow.
hopefully my voice is back tomorrow. i've skipped enough work in october already (4 days so far).



At 10/28/08, 6:27 PM, Blogger super des said...

um, why weren't you eating ice cream?

At 10/28/08, 7:47 PM, Blogger mar said...

i can't even swallow my own spit.
but maybe i can use that excuse tomorrow for a milkshake.


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