Sunday, December 07, 2008

hair sos

next saturday i finally get my hair cut again. the last time was 4 months ago and the chick at the hair college totally butchered me. i had had a pretty good experience when i went there a year ago, right before i ended up in the hospital, so i thought it would be a safe risk to take when i wanted a last minute cut in august. it was probably my own fault for asking for anything more than layers, because i asked for some bangs. the girl decided that she was gonna go her own way on that. she wanted me to have 'side bangs' & chopped super short on the left side of my head & left it long on the rest of my head. i had to chat with her instructor & be very insistent that she trim the rest of my hair into bangs because it looked completely ridiculous when i put on my glasses. i was not pleased, but what can you expect for $6? now i'm looking for recommendations on haircuts. my hair is long & s, being a guy, would like me to keep the length. you can see about the length it is now in my picture in the sidebar. it's actually at the length that i've got the ol' armpit hair issue. you know, where you raise your arm up & when you bring it back down to your side the hair gets caught because it's so long. that's really only a problem in summer to me when you're all sweaty. not a big deal when you're fully covered by clothing. so, on that note. any suggestions would be appreciated. i'm meeting my future sis-in-law for the first time in less than 3 weeks & i want to look presentable. i promise to post pictures of the new cut after i get back from the hockey game on saturday.

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At 12/7/08, 12:42 PM, Blogger super des said...

Shoulder length. It's still long enough to ponytail, but I think it would super cute on you. (I say this mostly because we have the same kind of hair and mine is *almost* shoulder length and I want us to be twins.)

At 12/7/08, 2:22 PM, Blogger mar said...

haha! i still think s would be disappointed by the loss of all this hair.

At 12/7/08, 4:08 PM, Blogger SUEB0B said...

How great to see your whole pretty face! And you have awesome hair. I can see how S wants it left long. I like it long, too, but I am the worst person to ask.

At 12/7/08, 4:31 PM, Blogger mar said...

that's my whole pretty face with not a speck of makeup.
and i assume you're the worst person to ask because you have such cute, semi-short hair.

At 12/8/08, 10:15 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

I think you look awesome!!!


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