Sunday, May 09, 2010

in the saddle

this is yet another (hopefully not in vain as it's been over a month since my last blog post) attempt to rejoin the blogosphere. work has been more than a pain lately (case in point, i received a text message from my boss on thursday at 5 to 8am that she was on her way to california & wouldn't be back until unofficially leaving me in charge. also friday was supposed to be the last day for a coworker who started in february, but then was poached by one of the clinic doctors as a research assistant; she only committed to working as a scheduler for a year when she started because she was eventually going to grad school. not cool.)
despite the pressures of the 'real world' and not winning the lottery (how many times must a i hear 'you have to play to win!), i would like to resume working on my bip and possibly getting back into the swing of blogging. the new house seems to have drained any ambition from me once i get home from the daily grind, but i don't consider that to be too much of a bad thing. we've now lived here for over 2 months and it was such a good decision! i barely remember the apartment i spent 8 years in; this feels so much like home. we still have yet to put anything on the walls, but we now have grown-up living room furniture (an awesome entertainment console, new couch, chair-and-a-half and a beautiful matching ottoman). next step is to clean up the 2nd bedroom, which has become the catch-all room. and we're saving our change and recycling money to buy an actual bed/headboard set. whee! we're grown-ups. sortof.

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