Friday, January 04, 2008

off the wagon

so, what? i lasted all of two days at my writing quota? just because i didn't blog yesterday or write elsewise doesn't mean i should quit altogether. back on the horse, or the keyboard as the case may be, right?
well, last night i let my anxiety of crowds & people in general overtake me once again. s picked me up from work & suggested dinner. i asked if i'd be home in time to caucus. sure, not a problem. we ended up at peking buffet for chinese. (yeah, that helps any healthy eating plans go awry.) it was definitely tasty & i hadn't been there in a long, long time. when we got back to my apartment, i wasn't up for going out in the frigid weather to a rec center & i talked myself out of it. *sigh* i gotta get over this whole misanthropic tendency of mine to stay sequestered at every opportunity.
g'night for now!

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